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iTel enjoys a highly experienced and certified staff in Information Technology, which can offer the following consultancy and outsourcing services:


Optimize your IT initiatives; iTel Information Technology (IT) services cover the entire life cycle of every component of your IT infrastructure.

Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with your cost, speed and risk requirements.

The unique value propositions offered by us enable you to maximize the effectiveness of your application portfolios - giving you the crucial means to achieve competitive advantage.

With our multi-technology and multi-vendor proficiencies, we help you achieve the desired results in your IT endeavors – be it building or maintaining of applications, IT infrastructure management, integration of enterprise-wide application, application rehabilitation, security consultancy or provision of skilled resources.

Our services revolve around enhancing and optimizing the 5 (five) basic functionalities that cover your IT life cycle - Plan, Develop, Implement, Manage and Monitor.

Our wide range of IT Infrastructure services includes:
Network Infrastructure Design
Network audit
Network Security and Redundancy
IP Planning
O&M Processes and Procedures
Complete IT Outsourcing


Between hackers, computer viruses, break-ins and property theft, you have a lot to think about. You want to stay focused on running your business—not worry about what a botnet is or how it works. That means finding a simpler way to safeguard your data along with your property.

Network security refers to any activities designed to protect the network. Specifically, activities that protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of network and data.

The first stone in establishing your wall of information security system is the IT Network Backbone Security. This is the foundation of such complete security solution which if it is designed, implemented, and maintained optimally and effectively will lead to:
1. Secure Business environment
2. Better work performance
3. Extra revenue
4. Full awareness of your assets
5. Fine market reputation

iTel’s IT Security Specialists have extensive experience in conducting a broad range of IT security assessments which cover applications and infrastructure evaluations, to help you improve operational efficiency & system security, increase productivity, drive revenue, and cultivate growth.

iTel, through its IT Security Audit Team, will offer its IT Security Audit/Assessment services to fulfill your Security Audit requirements, covering your current Technical Environment. Such services include:
IT Threat / Risk Assessment
IT Security Plan
IT Media Storage
IT Disaster Recovery
IT Access Control
IT Policies and Procedures
IT Network & Data Monitoring and Control
Computer Malware
Data Protection and Loss Prevention


iTel’s specialists can help our clients in choosing the right technology through our unique approach to technology analysis, and we can help in developing methods and techniques, that best suits our client’s needs, to select the right technology and vendor.

iTel’s skilled Engineers can also help you to develop the Request for Proposals (RFP). The RFP defines your technical requirements, the scope of work and Service Level Agreements (SLA) that will be embedded in the contract and used to measure vendor performance. We can also assist our clients to develop the evaluation criteria used to evaluate vendors based on their capabilities to meet the objectives of the project.

Our Approach to Technology Analysis
Review existing technologies Select criteria that are used to assess technology attractiveness Analyze & describe each technology using the selected criteria Rank technologies according to their attractiveness and develop insights Pass technology analysis into scenario modeling

Our Technology and Vendor Management services includes
  Planning for vendor briefings and dealing with vendor questions and how to assess vendor proposal presentations and vendor project managers.
  Leading to the selection of the right vendor by performing detailed proposal evaluation.
  Quantifying evaluation criteria and assessing the overall risk.


Project Management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time objective, through the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet the project requirements.

iTel’s Project Managers can help you develop a project plan through the appropriate application and integration of several processes, such as:
1. Project Cost Management
2. Project Quality Management
3. Project Human Resources Management
4. Project Communications Management
5. Project Risk Management
6. Project Procurement Management
7. Project Integration Management
8. Project Scope Management
9. Project Time Management


No More Timesheets and Timekeepers to Manage

iTel Offers “Timekeeper “ services as an innovative solution, based on its Advanced Iris Identity Authentication technology from EyeLock.

No matter how big or small your operation is, iTel will install what is needed to generate Accurate Timesheets of your employees and provides you full access to a centralized database, making it easy to view, download your employees Timesheet. You can even have your logs synched with your own payroll platform electronically in order to process your payroll.

Serving as a central safe storage shelter for iris codes , logs and time sheets of your employees making your data centralized , redundant , very safe from any kind of human intervention or natural disasters, and accessible for people concerned through authorized credentials .

This unique solution will allow you to enroll your employees from anywhere into a central database and push the data at once to all your branches across the globe. As well as synchronizing the employees logs from all the local branches to a single location where you can get daily , weekly or monthly time attendance reports of your company.

Using our “Timekeeper “ services will grant you the following:
Lowered Operational and Maintenance Costs
Reduced IT Infrastructure Expenses
Expandable Storage Capacity (Scale As You Grow)
Protected Data Far From Intruders
Redundant Data Distribution and Storage
Collaborative Accessibility and Management
Backbone For Disaster Recovery On Local Sites
Centralized Data Synchronization And Distribution
Fast Support And Intervention 24/7


iTel offers through its skilled administrator, the manpower to perform the "Enrollment Process" on behalf of the client. Such service is offered upon the request of the client, who happens to be short on staff to perform such activity, or has large employee count and not enough time to enroll them all at a given time frame.

Our Clients can enjoy the benefit of our Enrollment service to ensure proper and effective registration of their users to start using their advanced Iris recognition devices. This can be customized to meet the clients requirements in terms of the required data to be stored and linked to a user's iris.

iTel Enrollment service offers you a Secure identification data registry & Reduce recognition time.

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