iTel is the market leader in offering "Advanced Iris Identity Authentication" solutions in the MENA Region, through its Partnership Agreement with EyeLock (USA Made Technology).


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Biometrics – The Key to Security

Why Iris
Accurate – Every iris is absolutely unique. No two eyes are alike, even left and right iris of an individual are unique. Iris has 248 unique characteristics, far more than any other biometric.

Fast – No other technology can deliver high accuracy authentication in real-time.

Scalable – Iris data template require only 2560 bytes of storage; very large database can be managed and searched without degradation of performance or accuracy.

Non-invasive – Iris recognition is non-contact and can be obtained from as far as 30 to 120 cm.

Unique Differentiators
• In-motion and at-a-distance iris recognition functionality
• Unique Ease of Use
• High Throughput (up to 50 persons per minute)
• Embedded enrollment and administrative software
• Most cost-effective iris based technology product in the market

New Nova

iTel offers advanced national information security solutions, thru its Exclusive Representative of I&I Strategy in the MENA Region.

I&I Strategy develops and provides advanced cyber security products and services, which allows National Security services achieve cyber risk management and mitigation.

“Without the right tools and skills, improving your country’s digital protection and resilience is a huge task.

Our solutions can guide you regaining control over national information security.”

Against Threats you may want to mitigate:
• Critical Infrastructure disruption: water, energy, oil
• Offensive states/groups planning infrastructure takedown
• Insider threat like terrorism or opinion manipulation (PSYWAR)
• Common cyber crime
• Stealth targeted attacks (APT, ATA) and malicious software

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